11 April 2012

Home Finally!!!

Chachi Gonzales
  Yes!!! I'm home :)) My grandma said I got thinner which is ironic since the only time I ever felt hungry during our trip was when I woke up in the morning O.o
  I didn't attend the class I signed up for in SDT. While walking to Fort Canning Center I felt if-y about going to the class. I was scared it would be too hard. It's a lame thing to be scared of but I felt really nervous and, in the middle of the (literally) uphill walk, I turned around to go back to the hotel. I thought; "Is Ballet something I want to do, or something I think I have to do?" I have to do some deep thinking @_@

  Pat mentioned something about another dance competition. Ok, this time I really have to say 'no' from the start. I don't want to be unprofessional and back out on last minute like last time... Sorry iDentity :|

  I hope I get to catch up on the bizz in Locsins. I mean, last time, in LCB, when I came in late for the summer workshop (I went to camp earlier in the month) I felt like I didn't know what to do or where to go for almost half the summer :(( 

  Oh, and Chachi's in Manila :D Chachi Gonzales In Manila

  And please check out the iDentity tab on this blog ^_^


  1. wow! nice blog! =))

    i'm following your blog. :)

    Jetha :)