15 April 2012

Last Day of the Dancing Week

  Yesterday morning at ballet, Teacher Agnes made me transfer to a barre closer to her. I usually take my place near the leftmost window in front of the mirror. She asked me to stay on the barre in front of my usual place. I don't know if this means I'm improving (Ballet 5 takes the barres closest to T. Agnes), or if she wants to observe me more. Dad says both are good anyway...

  Teacher Agnes let me and Christine rest. She said we were tired and that our legs were getting heavier.

The Glass Ballerina
  We had lunch at a friends house where I noticed this pretty glass ballerina figurine and where I took this picture:

  I just noticed how my foot looked in the mirror ^_^ It's actually not so clear here but, I think it's improved, though, Teacher Agnes keeps telling me to "Go higher!!!"
  Hip hop in Locsins is more technical compared to the classes in LCB, where it's more choreographic. Yesterday, we learned tutting, sliding, floating, and popping. Our instructor even includes some history; where the step came from, who made it, and those stuff...

  Jazz class was fun as usual :) We did grand jetes and my favorite step; the fan kick. One time, all of us were trying out the exercise from the corner of the room. Kuya Arnel was watching and correcting us. After one practice while marking with the music, he said; "Disaster Coordinating Council Davao Branch" we all laughed :P Inah and I were assigned to memorize the warm up since our "memory card" Patricia, is leaving for a week :| 

   All (well, most) of my ballet classmates are in Tugbok, Mintal right now, visiting the Locsin family's mosoleum. It's the death anniversary of Carmen Locsin, Teacher Agnes' mom. She just passed away last year.

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