04 April 2012

Ballet Day

   Good Morning!!! Yesterday was MY day :P No, it wasn't my birthday but it sure felt like. We went to Fort Canning Park to look for Singapore Dance Theatre (just so that when we go there today we wouldn't get lost). I could hear the ballet  music from the outside and I was walking fast to get to it... I always have that nervous, slightly intimidated feeling when I go towards music like that. It's so magical...

  SDT is located at the second storey of the fort. As we were climbing the stairs, Mom was taking random pictures. She said I looked so happy. I was, it was soooo exciting ^_^ 

  Inside the studio, the dancers were having a short break. I suddenly got scared. What if the class I signed up for would be too hard? I'll find out tonight :(  Oh, and good news, Mom's coming with me to class to take pics tonight :)
  After, we went to Orchard Road to visit Sonata! I bought a white leo (it's so hard to get good white leos at home) and piiiiiinkkk tights :)) While trying them on my mom said "Tabaa mo ngayon Ambs uy! (Your so fat now Abs!)" :(  Oh no!!!!
Capezio Foot Undeez
  Dad wanted me to buy pointes but they were all very soft and my dear Grishkos are still solid ^_^
  I saw foot undeez!!!!! But I decided not to buy because I could get used to the harsh bare feet of contemporary, I mean modern class (and their expensive >.<)

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