09 April 2012

just WICKED!!!!

Fan-sign! ^_^

  Man what a show! New fave musical! Watched Wicked this weekend! One day, I'll be a part of something like that... LOL! But seriously! It made me cry... THRICE!

  The choreography and lighting was all so clean and well done! So were their voices!!! I was impressed beyond expression! I stood up in the end. I wanted to give them a curtain call; "I love you Elphaba!!!" but I didn't =(

4th Position :P Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre ♥

  There's really something about watching a Broadway musical that makes you reconnect with yourself... Yeah... So when you feel all jaded and bored go to Broadway! ^_^

  I unexpectedly cried at the end of "Defying Gravity". I just remembered the LCB days when me and two other sopranos were chosen to sing the last high parts :) We never performed it though...

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