30 March 2012


  I am taking advatage of our Singapore vacation :)) I plan to visit my current fave shop Rainbow Sonata and take class at the Singapore Dance Theatre. I just registered for a trial class and it costs $25.00. Equivalent to 854.19php. On hearing this, my mom was like "What?! Locsin's charges 1,500php per month! Are we under-charging or what?"

  I guess it's a Singapore price...
  I bought my jazz shoes from Rainbow Sonata the other year I think they were around $30.00 (about 1025php) good price, I guess, considering that the Capezio Teletone Tap shoes I bought in Manila were about 2000php...

  I'm looking forward to blogging about this  experience. Hopefully someone can come with me and take pics of the class at SDT ^_^ More photos to edit!!!! LOL

P.S. Waterloo Bridge turned out to have a really sad ending... I wont spoil ^_^ Nyahaha! Watch  yourself!!!

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