08 April 2012

Orchard Rd

Me and my sisters :) all lined up underneath the SOTA sign

  I registered for another trial class in SDT :)) Instead of feeling all embarrassed, I should just keep trying.. does that make sense? (lol the instructor of last time's class kept saying that :P)

  Passed by the dance shop in The Cathay. It's actually NOT a shop. Jitterbugs is like a dance school, I think. I saw little kids running out of the door in tap shoes ^_^

  There's also another school near The Cathay. School of the Arts or SOTA. I don't know if they have dance though...

  While walking around Orchard, this group of  people stopped me and asked if they could take a pic of me holding this board. I agreed :) 

  These students and teenagers like myself, volunteered to stand around Orchard  Road asking people to have their pictures taken with sign boards that say ONE:100 smoking the waterpipe? This is to discourage people into ever trying shisha (a kind of narcotic) :)

Please like their FB: http://www.facebook.com/oneto100?ref=ts :D

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