21 April 2012

"Your so young..."

  "Your so young to have an injury like that." Teacher Agnes said to me yesterday after I told her about my injury.I felt like crying on hearing that. I went to her as soon as Babies Ballet ended. She was with Kuya Henry in the canteen. Maybe it was the possibility that I can't join the recital, or the smell of all the smoke from her cigaret that made me teary eyed. She said that it was caused by my posture, I have an overly arched back :( "Ngayon, maniwala ka na? (Now do you believe me?)" she said, "So when will I see you again [for class]?"
I told her that I'm scheduled for traction next week and that I could come back to class as soon as the week after if things get better.

  Later, on the second floor studio, she gave me an exercise, position rather, to straighten my spine. My back did not hurt in that position :) I have to stay in this position for 20 minutes, two to three times a day. Woke up early this morning to do that...

  We're going to make masks for Theatre on Monday. It felt stupid acting like a maya bird :P 

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