06 April 2012

Ballet In The Media

  Dad took us to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Takashimaya yesterday. My little sister Allegra pointed out a book to me. On the cover was a black tutu-clad ballerina bending down.The title, Various Positions on her butt :|

  What is the world coming to? I mean, with books like this and movies like Black Swan, everyones going to think that ballerinas and danseurs are total maniacs [Well you won't know what I'm talking about untill you read it too] @_@ I only read the first few pages (and the back and side flaps) of the book so I won't do any criticizing. It was a page-turner, in fairness :)

  It's  a book about growing up and choices but it's not a book a parent, at least, my parents [I think] would get me. Well, I still have Apollo's Angels and The Ballet Companion sitting on my shelf. Oh plus, this cool book my Mom got me; Dance Anatomy. It shows the muscles used in some dance moves :) She suggested I make it part of my Science for this year :D Homeschooling!

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