05 April 2012

"Theres nothing on the floor..."

  The  class last night was good thought it ended with me being very frustrated with myself. I couldn't get the steps right!

  Barre was good. It was full of simple stretches and expressive Ron de Jambe arms. The music for the first exercise was "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera. On the third barre combination, Shaw, the instructor, said, "10 points to whoever can guess where this music comes from." No one guessed it but he told us that it was the grand aria of Rossini's opera Cinderella :)) He also played a lot of Carmen (one of my faves too ^_^) 
  Half the time during center work,though, I was just walking. The combinations were very choreographic and (not sure if it's a good or bad thing) Locsin's has  really rubbed off on me. I'm no longer that over expressive "bravura" dancer as they call it. I guess I'm more shy now :( Shaw, corrected me several times saying "Theres nothing on the floor" Great, now my usual line to dance club students is being used on me -_-

  Maybe it's this long rest that has slowed me down... my spirits are low. When I looked at a photo today (a ballet photo of course), I felt like I would never look like like that T_T I was a mess of steps and uncertainty last night.

Me and SDT Instructor, Shaw Coleman

  I guess one waterloo of Locsin's is that we practice a dance and try to make it perfect while others make themselves perfect so that they look good with whatever role is thrown at them. I have to work on my memory and fast footsteps...
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Me and Tita Coly; family friend and fellow dancer

A shelf full of pointes

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