26 April 2012

Traction Day 1

  Finally had a traction today :) First the therapist asked me to lie prone (on my belly) then she put these wires  that kept vibrating, and hot compress on my back. After, we did some stretches. I was shaking in one of the exercises, which was like crunches (except that I had to hold my position for 10 seconds). Every time I crunch up my core and tighten the muscles, I would shake so much.

  It was kind of embarrassing. Dad says I have to work on my core strength some more. Some one also told me that a weak core could be the reason for my backpain O.o

  The traction was like the position Teacher Agnes told me to do. Except that I was being pulled while in that pose. I also had to stay there for 20 mins. 

Grace, the therapist who assisted me,
preparing the machine
  I told Teacher Agnes that I'm not joining the recital. She said "Ok" so very casually... In a way I'm relieved because my classmates' said there's someone to fill in for me...

  Babies was really tiring yesterday...

Strapped to the traction machine
  Finished decorating my mask for Theatre. I'll post a photo of it soon ^_^ I wonder what the others came up with... Ate Delphine told us to design it according to our personalities... We also had to make a play. my group's turned out to be really random. It started with a brave and powerful girl named Anna who lost her face (literally) and ended with her becoming a robot O.o

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