17 April 2012

Back Pain

Advirtisment I saw in
a bus stop in SG
  Today there is Ballet, Hip Hop, and Jazz. But I'm not attending. Yesterday, my back started hurting again and I cried again. The back pain started Saturday night but I ignored it :( We went swimming the next day but it didn't make my back pain worse so I took it as a good sign and went to class the next day, yesterday.

  I came earlier than usual and saw Georgette Sanchez ♥_♥ During Ballet 1C which I assist in, I just tried to remember my posture. Teacher Agnes was watching us. Kuya John, the teacher of 1C actually has the same problem as me. He helped me with my pull up and knees. He also told me to stretch the muscles on the front of my legs (quadriceps) so that they will 'flatten'.

  My back started hurting after Ballet, but only a little. During tap it also hurt but it was worse during modern :( It was already bad after Modern 1 but I was able to make it through Modern 2. The crunches and core exercises helped, I guess.

  When class ended, I couldn't even bend down to pick up my bag and I was just letting my water jug fall on the floor because I couldn't stoop down to put it carefully T_T Then when I got home, the usual, ice-pack, tears...

  So, there you go,. I've decided not to attend classes and only come into the ones I'll assist and Theatre class, which has a different recital and does not require much dancing. Ate Delphine says we're going to do a play.

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