19 April 2012


  Visited the PT this afternoon. Tito Richi (the PT) says my it's a nerve impingement and scheduled me for a visit to the traction machine on Tuesday @_@ Mom thinks it's because I tuck my behind in too much while dancing. She does this exercise with me that's supposed to make my sit bone point downward without me having to tense my gluteus maximus. Is it too late to join the recital? I actually do not feel bad, though, about taking this break away from dancing. It's a relief. So much for that scholarship... At least I can still assist :)

Traction Machine
  Yesterday, after Babies Ballet, I was packing up my things. Everyone else was in Modern 1. Those who were not asked me if I had already had my back checked. My Jazz teacher Kuya Arnel wished me a fast recovery.. Well that made me feel better.

  I'm frustrated with Ballet. I can't do it! Especially when you extend your leg and supposedly your under-thigh muscle works, urgh! I cried one night thinking about that. I always use the muscles in my quadriceps and they'r getting bigger, and bigger T_T I end up comparing other dancer's legs to mine... Obviously, I'm not in a very good mood today... I'm just pouring over this blog, Look Book, and Apollo's Angels here at home...              

  Yesterday, I was waiting for Mom to pick me up after assisting Ballet 1B so I went over to the bulletin board and... Teacher Agnes' cousin Michael Dakudao has a new article on the gathering in Tugbok last Sunday ^_^ Here's the link: Celebrating Life after Death


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