02 April 2012

Dance Shop Discovery!

The dance shop in Cathay
  Hello!!! Blogging from Singapore... This is so fun ^_^ I've never blogged from another place before O.o
  We just dropped our things off at the hostel we were staying in and headed out to a place called Cathay where Mom spied a dance wear shop!!! Hmm... another addition to fave shopping places :P

   We ate dinner at the food court there and I bought tea... Well, too much tea :(( I made a mistake... it tasted good though :) Now we have extra tea to keep. Guilt -_- LOL, I'm so giult-tea :P Corny?
  I hope I can drag the gang along with me to Sonata and the one we just found, tomorrow... I don't even know what the shop is called... LOL It's similar to when you like someone and don't even know his or her name ^_^ Well, they're happily all within Orchard Road :)
  I'm sleeping really late these nights O.O talk about eyebags...

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