24 April 2012

Babies Ballet

  Didn't go to the traction session this morning :( Something came up... Lots of people are getting injured. I don't think I can join the recital. I'll just be a P.A. (Production Assistant) or something. Since everyone else will be busy changing into their costumes and getting ready for the next dance, I can help out with the Babies Ballet :) 

  I discovered something about the little girls in Babies. If you want them to follow, for example a particularly hard headed one doesn't want to stand up, it doesn't work if you coo to them, "Please stand up", in a sweet, high-pitched voice. They just stare at me when I do that, it's like it takes longer for their brains to process a shrilly, batting eyelash, "Can you stand up please" compared to a stern but firm "Stand up".
  I "discovered" this little trick, when I got kind of frustrated with this one little girl on the first line who really doesn't dance! She just stares at Teacher Sweet, and whoever is coaxing her to "Please follow". I was all tired of  stooping down too her so she could here me so I just said "Zowie, stand up" in a stern voice. She got up all right.

  I was thrilled. I shred my new knowledge to Gian and Christine. Gian was like, "OMG, It works!!!" haha! :D

  There's this one little girl who keeps asking me what my name is and telling me I have nice hair. "Ate, anong name mo? (What's your name?)" over and over. So, I told her that I would only tell her my name if she dances properly and follows instructions... She still doesn't know my name up to now. :P

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