14 July 2012

Book Review : The Ballet Companion

  The Ballet Companion is basically a dancer's manual. I think for those with a lot of questions, this charming library piece is a big help. 

   I also found it to be a great help in the section on health and eating disorders. I was able to fix a problem I had, thanks to the information in that chapter {Blog Post: Answers}. 

  I liked how the author injected some important stories from ballet's history. And there was just the right amount of it; There were sections on the legends every ballerina and danseur knows and loves. Of course they weren't as detailed as Apollo's Angels but they were still very informative and useful.

  The photos were all very well, especially the ones of Maria Riccetto and Benjamin Milliepied {of Black Swan fame} demonstrating the correct positions in certain steps. I wish though, that the photos that were not for demonstrative purposes had dates on their captions- just so that we have a mental timeline But, then again, it's not a history book.    

Recommendations?... to the long time dancer, short time dancer, stressed dancer, curious dancer, balletomane, dance /ballet teacher, dance mom/ dad, injury- paranoid, injured, P.T, Bone doctor, and the ones who wanted to be ballerinas 

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