09 July 2012

Top 5 Dream Roles 2012

OMG! What timing!!! On the same day last year, I made a list of roles I wanted to dance, so, I just wanna do this again because 1) tastes change and 2) it s fun ^_^

1. Carmen
{Choreography by Roland Petit}
  Georges Bizet's music is exceptional! Even the opera {which has the same score}is lovable. Entr'acte III is my fave part {starts at 2:28 in the video bellow}.

2. Sleeping Beauty
{The original, classic by Marius Petipa}
  Princess Aurora is oh, so graceful in her decent, long sleeved tutu. The balancing feats en pointe symbolize her poise and dignity. Long balances aren't something I can brag about, so maybe this role will improve me :D Aurora caught my attention because, unlike the way I usually project myself onstage, she seems a very gentle and wise...
video: Alina Cojocaru at 25 - Sleeping beauty, Act 3 pdd variation

3. Swan Lake
{The new San Francisco Ballet version by Helgi Tomasson}
  There's no particular role that I would like to perform in {of course to be Odette/Odile is still a plus!} because, if you watch the video below, even the corpse de ballet has an impressive part to dance. I do like moving my arms and skipping about ^_^ Yuan Yuan Tan made this ballet appeal to me ♥
video: SF Ballet - Swan Lake

4. La Bayadere 
{Rudolf Nureyev... I think}
  After all this time... The exotic theme, intricate footwork, and astronomical wardrobe; so many shiny skirts and headdresses! Not sure about Princess Gamzati or Nikiya though.
video: La Bayadere - Opera nacional de Paris

5. In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated
{William Forsythe}
  Just to finish the list with something different! Modern en pointe looks so impressive to me. This piece looks so wild yet controlled at the same time. Interesting choice of music. At first I found it too metallic sounding but after watching the video I link below {featuring Yumiko Takeshima of leotard fame} the movements and the sound actually do go together.
video: In the Middle, somewhat elevated 3 - Pas de Deux - Semperoper Ballett

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