30 July 2012

Puno: Pangatlong Galaw

A view of the theater from my sitting place.
  My whole family watched Puno with me last night. We arrived early and was able to chat and dilly-dally at the front desk where I saw an excerpt of Teacher Agnes new book 'Philippine Neo-ethnic Choreography'. We entered through the back door and sat at the rightmost corner of the studio-turned-theater, right next to where the dancers exited and entered.

  The show started at exactly 7:00 and and ended a little earlier than 8:30. Narrations were in Tagalog by Ate Delphine and there were photographers who documented the work. 

  I especially liked the dances with props. My favorite being the one that seemed to symbolize a BonsaiAte Georgette danced this with a thick wire that she wrapped around her body. It made me realize how truly similar a dancer and a plant is. The piece is entitled 'Bawal Kang Tumubo', in English; 'You are not allowed to grow'.

  The whole thing was entertaining, not as serious as Dahon. There was this super funny fight scene which, I'm guessing, was probably Ate Delphine's handiwork ^_^ It ended up with Ate Gaye hiding behind Michael Dakudao and Ate Georgette sitting on his lap and kissing him! I wonder if he was there in the last two shows, or if they victimized someone else...

  My friend and I took a picture with Teacher Agnes in front of the Encantada poster afterwards. It's blurry but I think the memory's worth posting...

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