06 July 2012

Last Day of Workshop

Last Day of Workshop

  Came home from Manila this morning. The performance last night went smoothly except for my mistake with one of my entrances and a delay with the lights and music.

  We were divided into five groups and each were asked to create a play {or something} loosely based  on A Midsummer Night's Dream. My group's was the longest performance. We included singing, a little dancing, and of course rap as well as spoken dialogue in our presentation.

  Before all our performances started, though, Akala asked the audience to participate in a game of 'Shakespeare'. He'd recite a line and the audience would vote if it was from a Rap/ Hip Hop song or from one of Shakespeare's works {This was an exercise of ours during the workshop, only we would have to perform the lines}. He also performed a rap of one of Shakespeare's Sonnets {The one that begins with Shall I compare thee to a summer's day}.

Here, Akala talks about The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company, plays the 'Shakespeare' game, and raps Sonnet 18.

  Ballet Tomorrow...

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