18 July 2012

... falling into place

My sister's Chucks.

  I missed voice class yesterday. Ashley had Violin lessons at home and we didn't pay much attention to the time while chatting with her teacher... At least I wasn't late for Tap. There were some new steps, which makes me a little unsure about stopping for a month...

  Ate Delphine came into Tap a little while through the beginning. I was both surprised and happy to see her. 

  {Serendipity again!}

  I told her about my going to Manila for the Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop and we started talking about theater :) 

  Every thing seems to be falling into place!

  I really love theater. Maybe I should concentrate on that instead... 

  A lot of dancers who are in Broadway are saying that voice lessons are useful. Guess I'm on the right track...

  I'm really happy I went to the workshop... New doors open :)

  Saw another poster of Encantada outside the Philippine Women's College.

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