31 July 2012

...a wonderful 4 months

  Early bird again. I arrived at around 4:50 yesterday afternoon. The props from the other day's show had already been cleared and replaced with tables and chairs for the little kids in Ballet 1.

  While fixing my stuff Ate Delphine poked her head through the door way of the dressing room to say bye. I was the only one there and I said goodbye too. She, Ate Georgette, Ate Gaye, and Teacher Agnes left for Manila to stage Puno at the PETA-Phinma Theater.

  I didn't notice the picture on the mirror until later;

And the note...

  It was the fuss of the dressing room when my classmates arrived...

  Ate Delphine, 
You were a great theater teacher and I really enjoyed your classes. 
Hope you can come back next year to teach again! 
Thank you for the wonderful 4 months ^_^


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