10 July 2012

Ballet class : Monday - 6:30 pm

The new shoes I bought in MLA
  Rehearsals for Puno have started. Mom dropped me off at Locsin's early and I was able to catch a glimpse of Georgette Sanchez and Teacher Agnes on the ground floor studio. I didn't think it would've been ok for Teacher Agnes if I watched them rehearse so... I didnt :P

  I waited {reading Bernard Shaw plays} in the dressing room until they finished rehearsing and when they did, I came out and bumped into Ate Georgette. I asked her if she was going to join our class that evening but she said there would be another rehearsal. I could hear music from the second floor and thought someone might have been rehearsing there tooWe both went upstairs, I was hoping I could warm up already but it turns out I was right! Gaye Galiluyo was there rehearsing by herself so I decided to stay in the dressing room. After a while Ballet 1a {I think} started so I watched them. A kid I recognized from baby's ballet was in dancing in the class ^_^

  The class last night was taught by Ate Gaye. I had a lot of corrections and prior to class I was told by one of my classmates that I had gotten 'bigger'... -_- So what? I'm not obese! I am never going back to that super stressful, semi-anorexia stage again! I still wanna grow tall, ok?  #I'mNotMad

  During pirouettes, Ate Gaye said 'Pointe!!! you have nice feet,  use them!'  

  It was the first time I was ever told I had nice feet in class...

  Tap tonight :)

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