21 July 2012

Puno cast warm up class

Christine comparing my huge pointe shoe with her minuscule one :P

  This morning, I was panicking and nervous because I thought I was late. When I arrived, though, Ballet 2 was still ending. Whew! I thought. I was relieved... So relieved.

  "No class today!" Teacher Agnes announced. She said that we were going to watch the cast of Puno in a warm up class. She explained how the dancers of Puno go on to explore their bodies because their technique is solid.

  We sat in the sides while Nikki Uy, Gaye Galiluyo, and Georgette Sanchez executed clean barre combinations. It was modern and each had a different way of dancing. It was so interesting; 

Ate Nikki is undoubtedly clean in her movement. She dances the steps as they were made to be danced.

Ate Gaye is very 'upright' and muscled. You can see the muscles in her legs tightening as she dances. Despite this, she was still no sweat by center floor...

Ate Georgette's dancing looks so effortless and each step is organic. She makes it look as if the dance was made for her.

* * *

  {Not to fear, the barre combinations are in You Tube! ^_^}

Just click the links:

PUNO: Pangatlong Galaw Warm-up Class (Exercise 4)

PUNO: Pangatlong Galaw Warm-up Class (Exercise 5)

  Watching the warm up class was inspiring. It made me reflect on my own dancing and want to work harder...

  We ended earlier then usual, of course so we {Ballet 3 and 4} just talked while waiting for our rides home. We ended up comparing pointe shoes and Chritine's is tiny!!!!

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