20 July 2012

This week with Georgette Sanchez

   Ate Georgette took over ballet for Monday and Wednesday this week. Her class is the kind I enjoy; one wherein we are asked not to look boring because "Dance is supposed to be fun," She said on Monday, "not torture."

  I was on the verge of not attending class on Wednesday {friggin' dysmenorrhea}. I'm glad I did though, I think dancing took my mind off the pain :)

  Took pictures of the stage for Puno; Do you see the garters underneath the trees? I think they are going to do some kind of Tinikling dance on them. I saw Teacher Agnes testing it last Saturday. She called them 'Chinese garters' {You know? The game?}.

  I find I am not happy with my new ballet shoes :( They squash my toes and feel bulky on relevee. Hopefully I can fix the toe squashing part by changing the way I sew the garter.

  While scanning my blog archives I have the feeling I blog too much :( Well, I wont be as intense now because of this internet schedule Mom has implemented. I'm glad for it though, because I get to do other things {practice piano, guitar, read, etc., etc., etc.}.

  Exactly one week left till Puno!!! 
Tickets are Php 200 each.

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