16 July 2012

Literature Portfolio

Not so little me attempting a good photo with books :)
   I heard from my friends from school that they are making this thing called a "Literature Portfolio". If school was the world, "Literature Portfolio" would trend on Twitter... definitely.

  So, I decided to ask what that was and they said that our {wait, the} principal required them to make a list of books they have read...

  I remember Mom, long ago... telling me to do just that. 

  Pleased and Motivated, I busied myself with listing down my 'Literate Accomplishments'. So there. The life of a homeschooler.

 Saw a lot of school friends today :)

. . . . .


  Spotted a poster of Encantada in a restaurant. I was like "Success!!!! Oh Yeah!!!" Ashley says she sees a lot of them in different places... I wish she'd tell me! I'll do a poster count ^_^ Apparently it's Carissa Adea{not Candice} who will be dancing for us this August. I'm not sure I ever watched her but am glad for the introduction ^_^

  The stage in Locsin's has some interesting props for Dahon. And the latest newspaper article by Michael Dakudao; Agnes Locsin’s PUNO: Pangatlong Galaw.

  Asked Ate Gigi about the Encantada Tickets. They are not selling any until Dahon shows. 

  There was a short pointe class. last Saturday. Didn't get to join. I didn't bring my shoes :(

  Class with Ate Georgette this week. 

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