08 July 2012

Dance Again

  I woke up this morning with an aching body. I've probably said that hundreds of times before but it's the truth, you know? I think I did pretty good in glass yesterday. I was just a bit lazy on the barre and I couldn't get one combination :( But I was proud of my Pas de basque. OK, new fave step! 

  My back did not hurt at all the entire class and I was still able to do a more than 90 degrees arabesque. Wooohooo! Yeah! Not-so-good news: The dreaded Cambre on releve is back -_- Need to strengthen my releve... Teacher Agnes suggested that the Ballet 3 class attend Ballet 2 to strengthen the little things like articulation and turn out {arches for me}. 

  A new work is going to be staged at Locsin's soon. The third part to the Alay sa Puno series: 
PUNO: Pangatlong Galaw. 


  It's so cool that my teacher's work going is to be stage at PETA, when I just came from there! I just find it so serendipitous... 

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