03 July 2012

Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop

  The workshop today was great! It was very similar to Ate Delphine's theatre classes in Locsin's last summer; we played games, did scenes, only, of course, it was more concentrated in Shakespeare and lines from Rap songs. I felt (and this is just Day 1) that the exercises we did were really creative and that I will truly benefit from this workshop at the end of it  :D

  My favorite exercise so far is one where we are divided into groups of five and each of us are given a verse to perform. The verse can be either Shakespearean or one from a rap song. We don't have to perform it according to what the verse or song is really about but we can use it (or it's idea) to create an entirely new thing.

  The first verse my group got was a few words from Romeo and Juliet. Akala (our instructor) said that we didn't have to let the words make sense. We did a kind of kung-fu-i rescue the princess thing ^_^ Haha... The next time around, the verse we got was a lot longer. It was a verse from Eminem's Stan. We did a sort of personality confusion scene wherin one of my group mates was the real person and the rest of us were his multiple personalities that in the end he had to chose from. It was kinda heavy, the topic. I was watching Stan in YouTube a while ago and I'm so interested at how you can really deliver a few words and turn it into a totally different thing.

  So tomorrow, were supposed to do sort of the same thing with A Midsummer Night's Dream. My groupmates want to meet up early to rehearse and stuff like that. So a little something about my group. There are five of us, three boys, two girls. I thing the three older ones already have acting experience. I think their theatre teachers. I'm the youngest of the group, actually, the youngest in the whole class!

  After the workshop, Mom and generous Tita Clara (Who used to dance ballet in Locsin's too) took me to That's D' Pointe! It was the biggest dance shop I had ever been to and, a dream come true, they have a barre!!!

  I bought a pair of ballet shoes because, as I have probably already mentioned earlier, My old ones are like... d e a d

  Please click the link bellow to see all the photos from today :)

Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop

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