02 July 2012

Shakespeare Workshop :)

  Whew! Finally figured out while all my pics disappeared. Don't delete pics from Google +! I'm sorry if other posts havn't been edited yet. It takes a lot of time, you see :) I also changed the photos of a lot of the posts because I couldn't find or remember the original pics that were in them :( You might wanna check them out for that :)

  So anyway, I'm joining the Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop in Manila. I'm leaving for the airport around lunchtime. By the time your reading this, I'll probably already be on the plane ^_^ 

  I hope it's a good workshop. I read in the outline that the participants will be asked to compose a song or poem at the end of it. I'm nervous for that part... I hope they'll consider an original choreography to one of Shakespeare's Sonnets :)

  Just finished reading King Lear yesterday. It is tragic, I mean, although the "bad guys" all die in the end, everyone you care for while reading the book die too! Only the young guys live. But because their loved ones were taken away from them, their present view of life is
"... we that are young/ Shall never see so much nor live so long"
  I don't want to end my post on a sad note so I'll just mention that I hope to buy new ballet shoes in Thats D' Pointe dance shop and that Mum wants to visit the museums ^_^

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