29 March 2012


Alex, Joy, Me and Meg  
 Schools out!!!! The pics from the grad part were great! Gosh I'll miss everyone!!! They sure make me wanna go back to school :P I danced with almost everyone, Man, it was sooo fun!!!! :D 

Leading the prayer at the Community Day
 The last few days were filled with practices in preparation for our Community Day (a.k.a Graduation Ceremony in other schools). Each class was required to present a dance number. Our class, the 2nd years, decided to dance to HSM3's "Night to Remember". My friend Alex and I took over the choreography. 
  Though slow and basic, I found Alex's steps hard to follow. "Ok," I said to myself, "what's wrong?" Usually when I am given a step I try to perform it the best I can, in my very own way. It did not work so this time. Then I tried something. I guess it was inspired by our studying "Empathy" in our Character Education Class. I tried putting myself in Alex's shoes. I tried to think like her. "OK, Alex likes to jump, she's tall, how does that feel like?" soon, the steps seemed easy enough! I just found this little discovery of mine cool... ^_^
  iDentity  performed again! The same dance number, but this time, I was a part of it :)) My sister took a video...Will upload it as soon as I can get my hands on our family camera :P

Besties and me on the last day of school :))

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