13 March 2012

Inah and Me ♡

  So, Sunday, before the last performance of the school year, the faculty members, scholars, and would-be-scholars, had a meeting with Teacher Agnes. We fixed our class and assisting schedules.
  I'm going to assist Ballet 1A with Inah :D My goal for the summer is to learn sign language. The alphabet and the signs 
  Locsins is now offering Hip Hop classes. At the sound of this, the full fledged ballerinas groaned. I signed H I P H O P to Inah and both our faces beamed. ♡ hahaha
  That was the first time I ever heard teenagers complain at the sound of Hip Hop. Usually at school when I mention ballet, the guys laugh ["Tights, tights"]. And some ask if it hurts @_@
  One of my ballet classmates said "I'f Hip Hop is not required, I'm not joining!" LOLOLOLOL
Can't wait XD And Ate Georgette is coming back to perform for Mommy Locsin's (Tr. Agnes' Mom) anniversary :D


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