14 March 2012

Word of Advice

  Cheena was able to upload a video of F. Bustamante's High School dance group performing in the competition. They won first place, they had better synchronization :|
  When my Mom watched both videos she enlightened me on some reasons F. Bustamante won.

1. They kept moving, their dance was action packed. Climax all the way. Ours had drops.
2. Ours was too 'theatrical'. Mom said that it wouldn't appeal to the Davao audience :|

 Well... I have good news. Pat said that if we are performing for our school's Community Day, I'm back in the crew!
  Pat is also thinking of having shirts printed for us. I suggested that we could have "codenames" and add that to our shirts. If that plan pushes through, I'd like to be known as 'Ming'. Justin, one of our crew members (the one who did the headstand), keeps teasing me "Hao Ming" so yeah... LOL :P

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