17 March 2012

Ginger's Secret

  Often, I read that ginger is a natural pain reliever. I don't know if it's true but, out of desperation, I decided to try it out.
  My back had been hurting since around Thursday before the recital. By Sunday, show day, it was one of the worst pains I had ever felt. The funny thing wass that whenever I was in a position wherein I could not feel the pain, I felt like I wasn't working hard enough.
  Anyway, I made this ginger tea myself and maybe you guys would like to try it. It's actually good :) I just boiled  ginger in water and added sugar. I don't know if the sugar kills it's pain relieving qualities but it made it taste good...
  I know it's weird but whenever there's ginger in soups or ulam I eat it. Yes! It doesn't taste good, to be honest, but still it's worth the nutrients... I guess.
  Other food they say are good for athletes/dancers include, yogurt, bread (anything carbs basically, for energy)... Chocolate gives you energy and keeps your mood up. It also helps increase blood flow, and reduce inflamation (according to Dance Magazine February 2011 issue). Sage was also mentioned to boost memory... hmm...

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