04 March 2012


  With the recital and the dance competition coming up this week, I have barely had time to go online.
  The dance crew practiced in my mom's yoga studio yesterday. Three members did not come but at least we were able to add some steps :| I'm worried we have less than a week but we still don't have steps for two minutes of the music :(
  Here are two videos of the crew members:

Alvaro, Pat, and Justin - tutting.

Pat tutting

NOTE: They just copied the tutting from YouTube so in-case the guy who made it watches these videos, we still give him the credit Ok?

  I finally found skin tone tights and leos. That's D' Pointe was out of stock so I [disappointedly] went to Victoria Plaza and bought Body Music. This brand has very thin material. The tights were ok but the leos were just s e e - t h r u . I solved the problem by sewing a layer of padding inside :)

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