30 March 2012

Watrloo Bridge ♥

Vivien Leigh
  It's a cold rainy night... what perfect time to curl up in my bed and watch and old movie than now? My movie selection is the 1940's film Waterloo Bridge. It's very old, FYI. As in, black and white! Unless your sixty plus  you'd probably not be familiar with it. My grandmother, Momsey, watched it so I'll have someone to relate to me >.<
  The reason I'm writing about it (and became interested in watching it in the first place) is because it has a ballet theme. Specifically Swan Lake ^_^ 
  I learned about it in an email sent to me by the Australian Ballet. [Here's a link to their post. To subscribe to them, click Here]. It stars Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. I'm still in the beginning but I think this is a movie I'll like (me being a vintage lover and all )

  Aieeee!!! so romantic... hahahaha the playfull conversation between a dancer and.. umm... common folk :P It's turning out to be really cute as I watch it right now... OH!!! Vivien Leigh's character has been dancing since she was 12!!!! Late starter like me!!!! Way to go for us!!! XD AND Robert Taylor has the same birthdate as me♥ !!!! LoL I like old movies :P 
  Here's the first part of the film... Enjoy!!!

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