13 February 2012

In The Shoes: Capezio

  This is my first entry in my "In The Shoes" series. Since I am now en pointe and am going through my second pair of shoes, I will blog about the pointes I have danced in. How they felt for me, how long they lasted, ups, and downs, those stuff.
  My first pointe shoe was Capezio. I don't know if they were Aerial or Contempora, it didn't say :(
  I got them in LCB. The first time I fitted them, I had never put on a pointe shoe before, except for my friend's incredibly soft Gaynor Mindens. I was overwhelmed with how tight and hard the box was. I found it hard to walk, 'How am I going to dance?' I thought...
  Despite the pain, I couldn't stop putting them on and looking in the mirror. They were so pretty, so shiny! On the night we bought them, I slept with them on!
  They lasted for 2 weeks, during which the right side of my hips started feeling painful. I told my mom about this and she heard from a friend (the mom of the friend who owned the Gaynors I tried) that the wrong shoes could put pressure and even injure the hips, knees, and of course, feet. I stayed with the Capezios though, until they were just too soft to stand on.
  I showed them to my teacher, Teacher Ces, and she said I had to get new ones and that, compared to most of my classmates, whose pointes were still brick hard, my feet were pretty strong. I was proud of this, but my mom wasn't so happy about it. She always says "Such expensive shoes, you can't even walk on the street in them!"

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