01 January 2012

Showy Me

  I haven't been blogging as much as usual nowadays. Well, there's lots of reasons for that. Of course, there's the holidays but my spirits are also low on this blog... I've been called a show off by someone I know to be reading my blog.... If you don't like me, don't stalk me, ok? Wait! Don't take this the wrong way! I'm not fighting you.
  But, I did reflect on your comment on my personality... I am a show off. Most of my blog posts are about Me making a big deal out of very little things... It's just a negative way of saying I'm grateful for them... But I know. I am showy and fun-loving by nature. I love performing. I love being the star. I like getting attention. I am proud of my flexibility. I dress differently at school... Is there something wrong about being who/what you love?
  Do I threaten you? I hope not. In my opinion, your even a better dancer! I know I have to respect you to a certain level...
  But I will be less of a show off . I'll take your crass remark as an advice for self improvement... I hope this doesn't stop me from inspiring... if anyone does get inspired... :(
 Please know that I am not writing this with anger, revenge, or jealousy in my mind... I just want to blog.

  I just want to dance ballet.

  {This post has been modified from it's original form}

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