25 January 2012

Dahon: Ikalawang Galaw

Agnes Locsin's "Dahon: Ikalawang Galaw" Will be showing in the Locsin Dance Workshop on Febuary 10, 11, and 12, Starring Georgette Sanchez. More about the piece HERE.
* * *
Teacher Agnes
  I now get why there are nets with leaves on our classroom ceiling. Props for "Dahon" :D
  It was a freezing, unusual-Davao-weather-day today!!! Wore warmers to school and Ballet. I don't like dancing with cold calves... I don't know if it's possible or connected, but my legs hurt when I stretch cold muscles :| I read that they need to be warm... But maybe I was just influenced by that information :P
  We learned our entrance for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Teacher Agnes is slowly adding. little by little. I'm curious about my pointe number with fellow pointe starter, Christine... It was so cute today when we wore similar outfits, each with dashes of our personalities. Christine, lady-like and sweet, Me, boyish and laid back.
  So excited to watch "Dahon"!!!

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