18 January 2012

Do It Like a Prima

Katrina {the memory card} and Dianne {pretty feet} 

  Today, at school, we played  Tigso. It's a super fun game wherein there are two bases. The two teams on each base try to take prisoners from each other. To save the prisoners, a player on the prisoners' team has to tag them.The game gets reset when a player from one team gets to the base of the other (like a home run). In order to reach the person saving us when were prisoner, we split. I always get taken as prisoner so I get many chances at splitting XD the younger children saw me and said "Ate Amber, teach us how to split!"

Georgette Sanchez

  Georgette Sanchez was in Locsin's today. She's taking class with the Ballet 4. Gosh I hope she'll be in the combined class on Saturday. For a moment I wanted to ask for an autograph... but I'm a bit shy. At first I didn't even know it was her until my mom said. I just heard Teacher Agnes say something about her being able to attend class.

   Tr. Agnes went up to Mom and said I improved. :D EEE!!!!! ^_^

 On Monday, we had a fun time taking pictures after class. This was a funny one... Nina on the left in blue, Me in orange, (from back to front) Christine, Louise, and Lian =D

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