07 January 2012

Fashion x_x

  I'm a little annoyed right now because you can't connect you'r blog with a Facebook page :( Sigh... I'll have to update my Facebook page manually.
  I logged in to Bloglovin' and went to the popular blogs part. I started reading fashion blogs. It's actually pretty fun. I love A Beautiful Mess! Especially the hair dos she does :D
  Fashion blogging looks fun. Usually, in Tumblr the stuff I re-blog are the fashion and ballet stuff. I like dressing up, but at the same time, I hope I'm not vain.. :| A ballerina isn't vain when she dances in front of mirrors for hours! :D OK, Far out O.o
  Fashion is actually closely related to Ballet. As I learned in Apollo's Angels, clothes in the 1800's were inspired by the costumes of Marie Taglioni and other famous dancers. Why'dya think stocking are fashionable? Nowadays when you look at fashion photos everyone is standing turned in. I don't know when this pigeon-toed craze started but I gotta admit it does look cute :P Imagine a model standing in first position in Loubotins :D
  This morning was good. I woke up (actually, got out of bed) 2 hours before class started. That's usually what the dancers in BalletNEWS' Cupcakes and Conversation do. And I see why. You'r not too full from Breakfast, but not hungry either. I was just in time for class. What I don't like about morning classes are the worry of getting late and the sunlight, hurts my eyes. My place on the barre is near the window...
  OMG! hahahaha! At school we were told to write a New Year's Resolution... I was the only girl in class who wanted abs :P

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