13 January 2012

Pull Up, Check!

Vintage Coke :)

  I think I get how to pull up now.

  Teacher Agnes lifted my torso up and I felt the lower part of my tummy just follow. Just like that. I tucked the lower portion in, leaving the top part looking flat and concealing my ribs! YEAH!!!! Finally got it!

  Pointe class tomorrow... first of the year.

  I don't know why but the side of my legs hurt... like muscle pain... could it be lack of stretching?

  I feel like I have a sore throat.. Drank Coke with Durian... and than sang my heart out to T. Swift's "Superman" :P Coke and Superman do NOT go together...

  This is pretty random.. so Goodnight!

  {This post has been modified from it's original version}

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