10 January 2012


Another beautiful friend, Alex.
I did this bun on her during P.E
  My ribs problem is back. The same old story... Bad back bends, ribs out, suck-ish pull up... you name it. Urghh.. bad habits never go away. I feel especially bad because she (and you probably know who) pulled my hair. She wanted me to pull up more and she grabbed my bun made hatak  to it, if you get... T_T One of my friends said that she does it a lot, that I'll, get used to it, and that after a time it's going to feel 'relaxing'. I usually  like it when people touch my hair, but last night really hurt!

  Yesterday I brought my ballet bag to school and showed it to my friend Thea...(Thanks for being such an interested blog reader :*>) She kept smiling like the way she does when we talk about *toooot!* :P

  Pat and I are folding up Dance Club. With not enough active members and two dear fans (Thea, thanks again) it's pretty much a waste of time. There's other stuff besides that but those are the main reasons...

  Another bestie, Meg is learning French!!!! I thought you were Japanese girl!!! I'm the ballerina!!! <3

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