14 January 2012

Ballet Chuck's

  I got pretty bored changing my shoelaces form black to white and back, so I decided to give it a balletic spin. I'm proud of the results!
  This morning, I woke up at seven but I didn't get out till 30 minutes after. Ate breakfast as quickly as possible and left the house. It was one of those cold, rainy, grey days.We had a one hour pointe class followed by a regular class. I felt very shaky. My classmate said it might be the sugar I ate for breakfast :| My toenails hurt now... I remember, I forgot to trim them :( No blisters to show off though :P None in a long time...
  Were doing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for our next recital. So excited! Beginners on pointe are going to dance a short number, the rest of the show will be on soft shoes :D
  Lots of dancers opt not to watch videos of whatever role their dancing so that they won't get 'influenced'.
  We did "A Midsummer" in the first quarter of school for English. We had to role play a scene from it and it was HILARIOUS!

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