04 January 2012

Back to Class

  First Ballet class of the year ^_^ All the barres were re-painted and I was the first to arrive in the studio so I decided to take some pictures.  I did some warm-up and stretching hoping, that this class wouldn't be too trying and me not too soft (you know, the break was more than two weeks).

    My friend Dianne arrived and she was worrying about her stained ballet shoes. The foundation we put for for the recital didn't wash off. Her shoes looked tie-dyed :P It was actually cute! Dianne has nice arches so I took some pictures of her feet too.

  During class Teacher Agnes made 'awakening' exercises for the barre. It was mostly side stretches, which felt really good :)

  While doing combinations from the corner of the room, Teacher Agnes said "Amber's knees are getting better, she's not so knobby anymore... Future looks brighter." :D Yay!!! after six months! :D I'm so happy...

  Class on Saturday starts at 10 AM -_- whew!... Teacher Agnes is giving us time to get used to it again :D

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