02 January 2012

Christmas Vacation

  We went to Eden Nature Park for a two-day vacation. Dad and I went on a 4 km (ok 3.7) hike in the "Mountain Trail". It took us an hour and it was exhausting, but fun. That's something I'll definitely do again.
  We also went horse back riding which was also as fun. There was this guy who stood on top off one of the horses!
  For me, the highlight of the trip was Zip-lining. My grandma, Momsey, (who turned 66 this Christmas) actually gave it a try! I'm so proud of her!

While hiking, Zip-lining, Eating, Horse-riding, etc., I thought that the place was perfect for ballet photography. I really wanna go again next year!

Mumsy zip-lining; she looks so happy! 


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