28 January 2013

The Prix is here...

Photo from the Prix de Lausanne's Tumblr
  Probably one of the biggest events in the world of Ballet, the Prix de Lausanne, has just begun. Although a bunhead no more, it hasn't failed to excite me this year ^_^ Today is the first day of the Prix, but since my country sees the sun before Switzerland does, there isn't much that I can say :(

  Anyway, here's the trailer:

  This has made me reflect quite a bit about quitting ballet. Now I know it's not the end of the world and I'm just over reacting and being "passionate" again, but when I first heard about the Prix, I actually thought I could make it there. I actually did. Really. I don't think I'm a quitter and I don't feel particularly bad about leaving that dream and all. Wow! I've stopped beating myself up!

  I guess some people were a bit surprised that I quit ballet since I was so into it then but that's part of growing up and living! You have hobbies because they're a little something you enjoy! Just like adults; some adults don't like their jobs and they quit and find a new one and feel like they have a new life all together. Of course it's not that easy and not everyone can just leave their jobs but, it felt like that for me and ballet (now I sound like I'm going thru a break-up). I felt like I lost my purpose.

  You know, I look back now and I realized it wasn't ballet that I particularly liked. It was being onstage and performing. Per-for-ming. But maybe I'm just saying that and fooling myself to vindicate me, hehehe :|

  Ballet's super pretty, but it's not something I want to be a part of anymore. I'm just not that kind of person :)


  Kudos to the Prix de Lausanne candidates this year. You've done it ;)


  1. Hiya Amber,that's why I've always cherished freedom,after health of course-the freedom to think,plan,choose-also the freedom to grow,evolve,change your mind and so on.You're a lucky girl as you have your health and your freedom...'parting is such sweet sorrow'-BUT look ahead,chin up,the whole world's waiting to hear from you!My love to ASH,Mom,Dad,Allegra and your bro!

    1. Yes I do feel quite free right now :D Wish we could all see each other again soon!