23 September 2011

Music for Friday

 This Friday the music source, Pat, can't attend dance club. I downloaded loads of songs last Tuesday so I'm safe... Whew! My only problem will be if my computer decides to act up and break down unexpectedly :S Lets hope for the best and that I can take picture :D One of my friends took a video of the whole club  last meeting, hope I can post it :D
  Pat and I are think of this Jazz routine for our Halloween performance. We have a lot of ideas for lifting but we haven't checked on Eric about it who, obviously, will be the one taking all the weight. lol :D Pat's also getting excited about the costumes. Were thinking of hats and jackets <3 Typical Jazz...

  Only one person has given me their reply slip from the comittment letter since Friday... Hope I'll still have enough students... though, I should remind myself, we are aiming for Quality Dancers not just quantity... :D

So You Think You Can Dance
  Plus this Friday will be Jazz, the least like of the two dances we teach... I wish they'd like it, I mean, why not?

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