27 August 2012

My mom in pictures...


  Ok, so time, and time again, I have mocked, preached to, condemned and ultimately given up on my mother's skills in taking pictures. The one I have posted today, though is one of the few artistic, clear, upload-able photos she has taken. I uploaded it to Instagram where I feel photos just get more beautiful .

  Before this pic softened me, though, I was just   s o   m a d   at her because of the quality of most of the photo's she took...


  I gave her a look...


  So today, hopefully to avoid my giving her looks, and to develop a better relationship with her, here's some basic things I like to remember before taking pictures. I'm no pro photographer myself, and it's not like we own a high-quality mega pixel camera, but I just want to share this... with Mom specifically:

  1. The closer, the better.
  Get as close to your subject as possible. It's not thrilling to see a grainy photo, so for those of us who have to make do with what we have, I strongly advise you to come as close as possible to the next pretty flower, friend with a statue, or dancer onstage you want to capture and share :)

2. Flash and Backlight.
  I'm not a fan of flashing camera lights. Although they do put light on the subject, it is not always necessary or flattering. Flash often makes skin look oily, people pale, mirrors distracting, and is most often banned in theaters :(

  Ever since I read about it, I've always been conscious about backlight. Backlight is what causes your subjects to get dark when there appears to be enough light in your surroundings. This is because of the position of your subject and/or your light-source. Unless you are attempting a silhouette effect, make sure the light of the subject you are photographing isn't coming from behind it. 

3. Blurry Images.
  My hands shake a lot. I read somewhere, that if you have a problem taking clear pics, you should either try putting your elbows on a table while taking photos, or standing with your feet slightly apart for better balance. Also, some cameras take time to focus on a subject. Know your camera and don't click the shutter until the images on screen [for digicams and phones] are clear. Wait for the camera to process whats in front of it before telling it to remember a scene...

  So these are probably the most basic tips for taking basic pics I hope, Mom, that it will help...

  Sorry for being so impatient with this photography thing... and thanks for trying :)

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