29 August 2012

' Phantom' in Manila

  The Cultural Center of the Philippines was a full house on the second day of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Many members of the audience seemed to have taken great care in dressing their best. The booth that sold 'Phantom' souvenirs was so busy and crowded, it was a wonder how the sales people were able to attend to everyone.

Just look at that crowd!
  We were seated at the {very scary} edge of the highest balcony. I had to grab on to the chairs on the sides because I was shaking for fear of falling... Our position in the theater made the performers look short though. Good thing CCP still sells cardboard binoculars :))

  Personally, I liked the movie more than the stage production. I think it was better at capturing the serious-ness of the story. I found I better understood the meaning of the lyrics watching it live. Though the tempo of the music was a small bit faster than in the movie that some sung lines kind of looked funny. The ballet dancing was Ok. Still, do watch 'Phantom' on stage if you have the chance! The sets are super and it's something else entirely to listen to a soprano live. For me, it changed the way I see the movie.

  Unlike when I watched 'Wicked' I didn't shed tears of hapines while watching 'Phantom'. And {I think due to fear of heights} I did not stand up to clap :( Come curtain call, the loudest applause was for the Phantom himself. Another favorite was the Prima Dona, Carlotta.

Mom, Eg, and Ash buying souvenirs ^_^

Outside CCP.
  Next on my reading list, which is piling up big time, is Gaston Leroux's novel :)
I downloaded it right after the show ^_^


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