15 August 2012

Hair Experiment Day 3

I so dig Adele's hairstyles... IDK why :P
  Switching from shampoo to baking soda. I tried this a long time ago but was not successful, probably because of lack of research... It sounds hippie, but people have a lot of good things to say about it on the web.
  Mom got the idea from people she met in a pre-natal yoga workshop in Singapore about two years ago. They were not only yogis, but environmentalists too! They were saying that the chemicals and packaging of comercial shampoo is so not earth-friendly. When we got home from the trip, I think Mom was inspired to live like a true yoga practitioner and started putting baking soda in the shower.

  The result? Dry scalp and dandruff... :( So we went back to being average 'poo consuming folk. Until now...

  I spotted Adele's biography in Fully Booked last week and I learned that she is one of those no-shampoo people! ADELE? With the shinny, silky, wavvy, brown locks?! WOW! I automatically flipped to the cover to see how her hair looked...

  I was intrigued.

  I started my research some days later and found this article: How To Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Disgusting. It sounds trustworthy and really helpful. I guess our first no-shampoo experience failed because we didn't know about the apple cider :|

  What a hopeful experiment! I'm alone in it this time, though, without Mom, and am really curious about the results! My, oh my! It's going great so far and, no my hair doesn't smell like vinegar :) It's actually sort of relaxing because you really have to massage your scalp. The baking soda and water combo don't build up a lather, though so it takes some people a while to get used to the soapy-lessness...

  If your, by any chance, interested in joining me in this all-natural-life project thing, do leave a comment, tweet me or send a message to my Facebook page :D