19 August 2012

Livia Gil and The Ballerina Collection

  If you watched the Prix de Lausanne last year, you would probably recognize Livia Gil as one of the winners. She won a scholarship to the English National Ballet and will be moving to London soon. I'm so happy for her; she's living a dream.

  Sonia Gil, a visual artist, launched a fundraiser to support her daughter in her scholarship. Together, they created The Ballerina Collection; greeting cards, post cards, and prints. Their graffiti-ballerina combination seem perfect for all occasions.

  I found out about their project when Sonia sent a message to The Balletomane and from Pointe to Pointe on Facebook [The Ballerina Collection has FB too!]. I must say, when I watched Livia's video [posted above], that I admire her style; she is not one of those stick thin, too flexible girls, but she is the healthy-looking, strong and fiery dancer :)

One of my favorites :)
  I wish Livia all the luck with her scholarship! Congratulations, too! Great dancers come from the PDL <3

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