02 August 2012

Shoe Paranoia

Lady Gaga's heel-less shoes.
Not in this lifetime...

  I was researching about a medical condition last night when I came across a slide show on "The Worst Shoes for Your Feet" in WebMD {where I usually go to read about these health stuff}. Intriguing right? So I checked it out...

  I don't often wear heels, nor do I own any outrageous shoes but the photos and captions were making me think twice about my next releve... Talk about my next pointe class! Even Ballet flats, it turns out, because of their lack of arch support, can be harmful!

  Sheesh! And to think my chronic tendon pain has been hurting more than usual since Monday... Am wearing my ankle support nowadays. I iced my foot but it seems to get less flexible and harder to pointe when I do :( 

  I read from Dance Magazine some time ago that Flip-flops aren't a good alternative either. I re-posted the article that they included in their e-newsletter in my Tumblr: "Flip-Flop Flaws".

  I feel the need for new shoes... Nice comfy loafers maybe... or another pair of Chucks?

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